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Eglinton Veterinary Facilities

Laser Therapy

Eglinton Vet offers the option of laser therapy for your dog or cat!

We are very excited to have added this treatment modality to our practice in the summer of 2012. Like our laparoscopic surgery program, the goal with laser therapy is to improve the quality of life of our patients in a non-invasive way.  With the addition of laser therapy for the treatment of a variety of diseases, we continue to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine in Toronto. 

Lasers have been used in human medicine for over 30 years but are just beginning to appear in the veterinary field as doctors and animal lovers learn more about the benefits they can provide. Research indicates that the family pet is increasingly treated as a member of the family and maintaining a quality of life for that friend is not only important to you, but also a focus of our veterinary team.

The goal of laser therapy is to improve your pet’s quality of life through…

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Faster recovery from acute injuries or wounds

  • Faster healing and scar tissue reduction after injury or surgery

There is a long list of medical conditions that may be improved with laser therapy including but not limited to:

  • Chronic pain due to conditions such as arthritis or degenerative disc disease

  • Acute injuries such as cruciate ligament strains, muscular strains or wounds

  • Inflammatory conditions such as cystitis, chronic ear infections, anal gland infections, hot spots on the skin, lick granulomas, etc.

We believe that one of the most powerful uses of the laser is for arthritic pets, including those that cannot tolerate pain medications. If your friend’s life has been restricted by pain, we hope to be able to allow them to return to their regular activities or reduce the number of medications that they are taking.

Our treatment plan for chronic pain is usually six treatments over three weeks, after which we will re-assess your pet’s progress. After the initial sessions, most pets will require a single treatment every 2-4 weeks, depending on how the pet is feeling.

We will also use the laser as an adjunct therapy in cases of acute injury (e.g. muscle strains, wounds) and for post-surgical care.

After an initial consult with one of our doctors, your pet’s laser sessions will be performed by one of our veterinary technicians, who have completed a training course along with the doctors. In most cases, the client will act as an assistant and stay with their pet for the duration of a treatment session. Laser treatments are incredibly well tolerated by most pets, and it is used for both dogs and cats.

We pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of technology and medicine and educating our clients on the various levels of care available. Laser therapy is the future of veterinary medicine, and we feel that you deserve to have that option when choosing the best care for your pet.

Our team is happy to answer any questions about accessing laser therapy. Consultations can be set up for those pets being cared for by other veterinarians. To book your appointment or for more inquiries, please contact the clinic at: (416) 487-1533 or [email protected].