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Eglinton Veterinary Facilities

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery can help pets who suffer from joint problems, torn ligaments, broken bones, and even help correct congenital problems.


Orthopedic surgery treats bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, where a pet may feel pain from a variety of conditions. Although we do not have a surgeon on-site to perform these complex surgeries, we are lucky to have access to many teams of skilled orthopedic surgeons in the GTA and we will help our clients with referrals when necessary. We will also do everything possible to keep patients safe and comfortable before and after surgery.

When should I seek orthopedic care for my pet?

Pay attention to the way that your pet is moving around. Any unusual changes in their activity or movements may mean that they have an orthopedic condition. Typical symptoms of an orthopedic disorder include difficulty getting up, favouring a leg intermittently when walking, limping, swelling in the leg, stiffness or decreased activity level.